We at London Hula aim to bring authentic Polynesian dance and culture to London and the UK. With Classes, Workshops, Guest Teachers and Performances we are breaking down the idea of the Dashboard Hula Doll and instead providing a more in-depth understanding of Polynesian dance and the history and culture surrounding it. The dance styles we focus on are mainly 'Ori Tahiti and the Hawaiian Hula 'Auana. 

Polynesian dance is about so much more than moving your body in beautiful ways. Its about passing on stories, past and present, and developing a lifestyle that promotes harmony with the world around us and within us. It's important to know that we encourage you to learn about the culture, and we teach about it in class, even if you're just after a fun workout. Knowing why we do things the way we do things will make you a better dancer and the wisdom will translate into your everyday life.

The classes are taught by Krysten Resnick, a Professional Polynesian dancer who has performed and competed throughout the world. She recently returned to Tahiti where she competed as a soloist in the Heiva International Ori Tahti World Cup, and her dance group just competed in the Heiva i Paris.
Krysten likes to create an informal and welcoming atmosphere in her classes, as most of those who attend are completely new to the Polynesian styles. Her classes are dynamic: moving from fast-paced with quick movements, to slow and graceful, always adapting to the energy and needs of the dancers.

We hold regular classes and workshops, have showcases, and perform often throughout London and beyond. All are welcome to come learn with us. Here at LH we are more than just a dance class, we are a community.