'I had no idea what to expect, but I'll definitely be back next week.'

Our weekly practices focus on the elegant styles of the Hawaiian Hula 'auana, and the upbeat hip movements of 'Ori Tahiti. We have classes that cater to a range of experience levels and will challenge you as individuals and as a group.

Strength, Coordination, Stamina, Flexibility, Grace, Fluidity, Sensuality, Harmony


Many people often confuse Hula and 'Ori Tahiti, or think that all styles fall under Hula. However, Hula comes from the islands of Hawai’i and 'Ori Tahiti comes from Tahiti. There are different styles within Hula and 'Ori Tahiti, and we dance many of them, though mainly focus on the Hula 'Auana, Hapa Haole Hula, Ote'a and Aparima.



Isolation and discipline. We focus on styles of Hula 'auana.
Hula 'auana is gentle and requires a great deal of control. It provides a relaxed, but deeply intense workout.


Aerobic and exciting. We focus on the styles of Ote’a and Aparima.
'Ori Tahiti is dramatic and sensual, and varies from sharp to fluid. It will work up a sweat.

our statement

Improving harmony with the self, each other, and the world around us through the perpetuation of Polynesian dance and culture.
LSHO encourages growth through Hawaiian, Tahitian and other Polynesian dances. By engaging in the cultural arts, our members must share with each other, rely on each other, and, ultimately, trust each other. This pulls the thinking away from the self and places importance on the community, a powerful necessity especially in big cities. Through these methods, each member becomes accountable for the strength of the group and, in turn, the strength of the individual, making self worth more tangible.

It is our goal to empower through art by connecting to the past, being present, and considering the future.

What to Expect

Against a backdrop of fast-paced drums and graceful melodies, these unique classes present a fun and feminine cultural experience that improves harmony with your body, while developing coordination, endurance, toning and grace. Classes are very dynamic and after just a few, you'll be moving your body in new ways that are both naturally soft, sensual, strong, and empowering. Classes are designed to build confidence, harmony with your body, and to help you discover your own femininity. We encourage our members to be open and supportive.

There is no dance experience required, and certainly no knowledge of Polynesia is necessary. Simply an open mind and an interest in getting a fun kind of workout while learning about another culture. We promise, all you new-comers, you will feel funny during the first few classes, but we're all learning together and your improvement will be rapid.

Polynesian dance is about so much more than moving your body in beautiful ways. It’s about passing on stories, past and present, and developing a lifestyle that promotes harmony with the world around us and within us. It's important to know that we encourage you to learn about the culture, and we teach about it in class, as it is impossible to separate the dance from the meaning. Even if you're just after a fun workout, you will also gain an understanding of the culture and history surrounding the dances, utilising your mind, body and soul. Understanding the deeper meaning will give you a deeper connection to the dance, and the wisdom will translate into your everyday life.
Live pono, spread aloha.


LSHO dancers, many of whom started their dance journeys here in London with LSHO, are award winning and have performed in some of London’s biggest institutions, including the British Museum, the Royal Academy and many, many more.
Performance opportunities are available to our committed dancers.

Start Dancing

If you’d like to start dancing, you have two options: with our Courses, or with our Drop-in Classes. The Foundation Course is by far the best place to get started. You will gain a comprehensive understanding or Hula and ‘Ori Tahiti and the history and culture surrounding them. If you are not available to join the Course, you can come to our Drop-In Classes. Monday and Saturday are best for Beginners and Improvers.