It is our desire to create culturally knowledgable and technically skilled dancers who can present on the top stages with pride, as well as to build, in London, what we have come from in different parts of the world. We want you all to be able to learn properly and dance well; we want you to feel good in your body, and to be an active part of the 'ohana; we want to keep providing exciting opportunities to our dancers; we want this to be a place of creation, connection, and joy. We recognise that all of this requires consistency and dedication, time and effort out of our busy London lives and so we have created Membership rates to make commitment more accessible.


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*Monthly rates will not be available for August or December due to condensed schedules.


If you’re unsure of which classes suit you best, use the form below to get in touch.

Anyone with a standing membership can drop in to a Saturday class at £5
Anyone with a standing membership will receive discounts on select workshops.

Memberships must be paid before the 3rd of each month. No refunds or partial refunds will be given on memberships.
Student and low income rates are available.


The season runs September through June with each class (excl. Saturdays) learning 3-4 choreographies, complete with formations. It is okay to miss a choreography, and we can let you know when the new choreography will be starting if you’d like to jump into a class with the commencement of a new dance.

The season will culminate with the end-of-year Showcase. Depending on their familiarity with the numbers, all dancers are invited, but not obligated, to participate.

August is our Summer break. No Wednesday or Thursday classes will be held, however Monday and Saturday classes will continue for those interested in dancing over the month. December is a short month.


Each dancer will be invited to perform the numbers they have learned in class, under the teachers' discretion. Dancers will be expected to learn the choreographies during designated class times, so attendance is crucial to participation. Costumes for the show will be made by each individual dancer, with instruction from LSHO.
The show will be ticketed and money raised will be put into LSHO's social fund which goes towards Team GB, social events, costumes, competitions and travel.

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