- Cultural Understanding
- Mental Harmony
- Strength
- Coordination
- Stamina
- Grace
- Fluidity
- Sensuality
- Connection

All of these workshops are different to each other. MIND + BODY and STORYTELLING are suitable for complete Beginners and Improvers. All workshops will also change within their own category so, for example, you could attend two MIND + BODY workshops in a row and still learn new skills while cementing what you have previously learned.

Wear: Anything comfortable to move in. A sarong or pareo is recommended. Note that we dance barefoot and many people like to bring wipes for their feet after class. 
Bring: Water, pen and notebook, and an open mind



In these workshops we look at the following:
- Identifying the different styles of Polynesian Dance
- Polynesian history and culture and how this are perpetuated through movement
- Identifying rhythms
- Drills for basic motions, isolations, and transitions
- Putting together short combos to match the music

**Great for ALL LEVELS from beginners to improvers to advanced dancers. We start by working our basics and building from there.

**developing Cultural Understanding, Coordination, Stamina, Strength, Fluidity



In these workshops we look at the following:
- Stories and legends and how these are perpetuated through movement
- Lyric breakdowns and translations
- Understanding the language, poetry, and deeper meanings
- Connecting meaning to motion
- Using our bodies as our voices

**Great for ALL LEVELS from beginners to improvers to advanced dancers. We look at the meaning behind the movements and to best represent these through our bodies.

**developing Cultural Understanding, Mental Harmony, Grace, Sensuality, Connection



(quick pace)
In these workshops we look at the following:
- LSHO choreography breakdowns
- Formations
- Entrances and Exits
- Costuming
- Performance skills

**For our improvers and advanced dancers. This moves at a quick pace so dancers should have some knowledge of our choreo and structure.

** Cultural Understanding, Mental Harmony, Strength, Coordination, Stamina, Grace, Fluidity, Sensuality, Connection

Due to limited spaces, 50% refund will be given up to 1 week prior to workshop.